Michelle Nagel

Michelle Nagel is a Transformational Trainer, author of the highly acclaimed best-selling book Suffering Is Optional: Step Out Of Darkness Into The Light, certified as a trainer in the Canfield Methodology for the Success Principles, an international speaker, and the president and founder of Soul Shift™, Inc. Michelle is also a Master Herbalist, SHEN practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique expert and energy therapist. She lives in Oregon with her family.


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I’m Michelle Nagel. Welcome to Soul Shift.

Hi. I’m Michelle Nagel and I have been on a personal journey to find peace and success in my life. As a resilient survivor of childhood abuse, I searched diligently for anything to take away the pain I felt in every aspect of my life. I couldn’t figure out why I kept making choices that kept me stuck in the same kinds of relationships, feeling the same kind of blackness in my soul. Although I owned and operated successful businesses, they were not anything I loved or felt passionate about.

I felt like I was trapped behind a wall of glass, watching the world go by but unable to find the door so I could join in.

I tried anti-depressants and hated the way they made me feel. I spent years in counseling without any real success. In my search for a way to heal I began a lengthy exploration of alternative healing modalities commonly known as energy therapies. I studied SHEN with Rickard Pavek; EFT with Gary Craig and some of his Masters; The Emotion Code and The Body Code with Dr Bradley Nelson, and I learned how powerful energy therapy is. Using these modalities and others, I began clearing all sorts of emotional garbage out of my life. All the things that were keeping me stuck, the fears that prevented me from stepping outside of the programming I had been given. I felt lighter and freer than ever before in my life.

But still something was missing: The knowledge of how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, and from who I was to who I wanted to be.

Then a few years ago, I met Jack Canfield, and learned the answers to my questions. When the realization of what The Success Principles could do for my life dawned on me, I felt truly alive for the first time in my life. This was the answer to my lifelong search on how to overcome my paralyzing fear and negative programming and leap for my dreams. It has been amazing. Like standing in the fire hose of life. Everything has changed. When I realized that everything I had learned up to that point was interconnected and a perfect path to my dreams, I had a literal shift in my soul.

Like something went “ka-chunk” inside of me. I wanted EVERYONE to know how to do this! I took the best of everything I had learned from my studies and personal application and created a program to help others find the path to healing and success. Soul Shift™, Inc was born.

Through Soul Shift, I empower people to overcome their limiting beliefs and traumatic past to reach for their dreams and discover the divine within. I combine knowledge, intuition, and love, with actual tools that you can use in your life to get rid of your pain and pursue your dreams. I am a gentle guide, and I can help you figure out what keeps you stuck, why you engage in self-sabotage, how to turn that nasty, critical little voice in the back of your head into a coach.

You will come to understand WHY you do the things you do that keep your life so painful, and you will learn how to stop doing them. Learn what works for you personally so that you can step out of the darkness into the light.

Let your imagination soar for a minute. What kind of things do you dream of but feel will never come to pass for you? Better relationships? A fulfilling job? More money? Time to travel? Do you want to change the world and make it a better, safer place? I can help you chart the way to the kind of life you would love to have. Along the way, you will be surrounded by a loving, supportive community of like-minded people who are changing the world, one Soul Shift™ at a time.

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The Soul Shift program is a set of specific steps, exercises and attitude shifts that can help you break free of the internal prison you have built for yourself over the years. Only by taking action can you totally be free.

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