Thinking Mindfully

Our journey though life is meant to be a proving ground as to what kind of people we choose to be. We have good and bad experiences because we need them. They help us grow and be refined.

There are consequences for every choice we make. We choose either to act or not to act. Choosing to do nothing is still a choice. Yet while we have the opportunity to make choices, we don’t have the opportunity to choose the consequences that go along with those choices.

I always cringe when someone says, “They brought that to themselves,” when something catastrophic takes place. If a loved one is in an automobile accident, it does not mean that you brought it to you, or that your loved one brought it to them. We have to live in this world, and we are affected by other people’s choices. If a drug addict breaks into your house and robs you, you didn’t somehow bring that to you, unless you sat around fretting that maybe someday a drug addict would break into your house and rob you. If you are thinking positive thoughts, and working toward that Soul Shift™ where you always look for the good in others and most importantly in yourself and something bad happens to you, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You are only accountable for the choices you make, the actions you take, and the thoughts you think.

Thinking mindfully does not mean nothing bad will ever happen to us.

What do you expect? Do you expect the world to be a horrible, frightening place? Do you expect people to be mean, dishonest, or to take advantage of you or hurt you? If that’s what you expect, that’s what you’re going to get, for those kinds of people will recognize that you are a victim and will be happy to prey upon you.

If, on the other hand, you expect people to be good, honest, friendly, and that everybody in the world is basically a good person, then your day will be filled with meeting exactly the kinds of people you expect to meet. You may meet some of the other kinds of people, too, but you will be less likely to notice them.

It’s more about your attitude about what goes on in your life rather than controlling everything that goes on in your life. You cannot control everything in your life, no matter how much you would like to. If you think positively about those unpleasant things that happen to you – see them as a chance to grow and stretch, and maintain integrity within yourself to be a good person, then God will make up the difference.

About the Author

Michelle Nagel


Michelle Nagel is the founder and president of Soul Shift, Inc and the author of Out of the Darkness, Into the Light. Michelle travels widely, sharing her profound insights about moving beyond the invisible thoughts that keep us stuck.