Why You Should Believe The Universe Is Out To Do You Good

I have a friend who is struggling with some real challenges right now. She is a single mom with three kids, working hard and struggling to make ends meet. This morning she texted me this message: “I know there are blessings out there for me, but I feel like I have to do a lot of growth before I can get them.”

My response. “Why do you believe that?”

God, the Universe, or whoever your Higher Power is, wants to bless us. How did we get the idea that we have to earn or deserve every single blessing? If we are good people, doing the best we can at all times, and living according to our understanding of what our God asks of us, why do we think we have to do something else in order to deserve those blessings – something extra special?

Everything you need to live the kind of life you want is already in place. It already exists. It’s already there, if you know what to look for, and if you believe (not think) that it will be provided for you.

My husband came up with this great parable to get the point across.

Imagine you’ve been invited to a lavish dinner in a beautiful dining room. The invitation states that a world-renowned chef will be providing your meal. When you arrive, you note that the dining room is elegantly decorated with large pictures on the walls. You notice that the table and chairs are set up for several guests, but the table is not yet set for a meal. It is bare, but on a small sideboard at the end of the room, there is a lovely tablecloth, cloth napkins, highly polished silver, gorgeous china plates, and gleaming glasses.

On the other end of the room opposite the door you entered, is another door. This one has a note attached that says, “Open the door, and your meal will be served.”

“Oh,” says one guest, “We have to set the table first!”

A murmur of agreement ripples around the room.

“Why didn’t the servants, or whoever lives here set the table for us?” another guest asks.

This question is met with nods of agreement and a few disgruntled mutters.

“Well, why don’t we do it?” one woman suggests, heading for the sideboard. She begins to set out the plates.

“Oh, no! That’s not how it’s done,” another woman protests. “You have to put the tablecloth on first!”

That sparks a discussion as to how the tableware is to be set up, how far the silverware is to be placed from the edge of the table, which side the fork goes on, and where each guest should sit. Tempers begin to rise, and someone shouts, “If we don’t set the table perfectly, we won’t get to eat the meal!”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the mouthwatering meal is growing cooler and cooler, as the Chef waits for the door to open – because his side of the door does not have a doorknob.

All the guests had to do to have that scrumptious meal was open the door. There was no requirement that the table be set just so. They could have eaten it buffet style and it would not have changed the quality of the meal.

Many times in our lives, the only requirement to get a blessing that we need or desire is to ask, and then believe that we are going to get it. Sometimes there is a task we need to undertake, such as making a shift in the way we think, or making changes in our behavior, but we have been promised that a tiny bit of faith can move mountains.

God and the Universe are out to do you good.

If you believe – and open the door.

About the Author

Michelle Nagel


Michelle Nagel is the founder and president of Soul Shift, Inc and the author of Out of the Darkness, Into the Light. Michelle travels widely, sharing her profound insights about moving beyond the invisible thoughts that keep us stuck.